Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Indulge Me...

...I have a dream.

After being featured on the Where Women Create blog last year and receiving so many kind comments, I started thinking about my dream home office/creative space.

It would have an unobstructed
180 degree ocean view.

Possible wall colors. Maybe
wallpaper on one wall.

The perfect desk.

A large counter height table for crafting.
(I ♥ this one.)
*Must be white

Bookcases, file and
storage cabinets are a must.

A pretty mirror

A very large computer monitor
so I can watch the Housewives,
Hulu & Netflix while I work.

Trapp candles
mmm...they smell so good.
The fragrance lasts a long time.
My fav scent is Fresh Cut Tuberose.

Gotta have my sweets.

I could go on and on. Let's just call this my "starter" wish list.

What does you dream room look like? Do tell.

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