Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Service Is Good.

The winding road to mogul-dom can lead to a me-centric outlook. I'll use myself as an example (because I know this absolutely does not apply to YOU).

At the moment, 90% of my life is spent in "Judyland."

Never heard of it? Of course you haven't. It's not about you.

It's about me. ME!

The majority of my thoughts and actions are related solely to how I'm going to get from A to B to Z on my life checklist.

That is all.

In my defense, I am not married. I do not have children or pets. So, no one is being neglected.

Now, before you dismiss me, let me share what I do with the remaining 10%.

I give.

For example, every other month I donate a crocheted lap blanket (handmade by me) to a local hospice for terminally ill adults and children. The program - known as CAPS - is supported by the South Bay Auxiliary, of which I am a member.

The latest.

I used the spider stitch.
Pattern came from a magazine.

It doesn't cost me anything but my time, which I happily give. They provide the yarn. I get creative. (Bonus: I can do it while watching the Housewives!)

Photo right-clicked from

Presentation is important. Considering the circumstances of my recipients, my first priority is "pretty." Then "happy." I want to use my hands to bring joy to what remains of their life.

So, I search for interesting patterns. Typically, I end up on www.lionbrand.com.

The Lion Brand Store in New York City.
When I see them this week at CHA, I intend
to beg them to open a store in Los Angeles.

Once I've decided on a pattern, I think color.

Bright. Happy.

I challenge myself not to make the same blanket twice.

It's a commitment that doesn't feel like one!

On the third Wednesday of the month (every other month for me due to my schedule), the blankets are turned in. Beach Cities Health District (our headquarters) provides us with a nice catered lunch and all of us ladies swap stitches and compliments, share neighborly news (not gossip!), and generally enjoy each other's company.

I donate my time for other Auxiliary activities, as well as outside projects such as last year's coat and toy drive at my j-o-b.

This was for the coat drive.
I live in So. California. I don't own a coat.
So, I made a hat & scarf set instead.

Hat close-up.

I made four of these dolls in different colors.
It's a great way to recycle fabric scraps.

Giving is good. I like it. Will keep doing it. And recommend you try it.

Plus, it let's me escape (temporarily) from Judyland.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Dear Bill,

I miss you so much. You're all I think about.

I know I haven't always been good to you.

In the past, I've taken you for granted.

Honey, everyone wants to know where you are and when they'll get to see you.

Please come back to me. This time I'll treat you right.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Deal or No Deal...

...unfortunately, no deal.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

Seven months of back and forth communication. Hours of preparation. Prayers. Visualization. Claiming.

They said no.

He was very nice about it. Gave me detailed reasons. Offered suggestions that could open the door in the future.

But seriously, as soon as we got past the prelim, "how's the weather...tell me about your business..." and he said, "Right now, this is not a good fit for us. We typically look for bigger numbers..." I just wanted him to stop talking.

Eyes closed, fingers pressed on temples, half listening, all I wanted to do was hurry him off the phone, get dressed and head to my local pizzeria and binge.

Eventually, I lifted my head, picked up a pen and starting taking notes. He gave me great feedback.

I felt numb. No, I was numb. Zombie-like.

I went through the motions of getting up, showering and preparing for work.

Sometime between drying off and moisturizing I started crying. Hard.

I cried the entire time I got dressed. I cried as I walked to the elevator. I cried as I walked to my car.

I cried on the freeway.

I cried in the parking lot at my j-o-b.

I'm crying (a bit) now as I type.

If not this, what? What am I supposed to be doing with my life? Wasted time. I'm getting older. What do I have to show for all this time and money I have invested? What is my purpose?

I felt sooooooooooooo heavy. Plus my eyes were swollen (people kept giving me funny looks).

Typically, I am not a crier. A few years back I swore to myself I would never shed a tear over anyone or anything (parents, sisters, nieces, nephews excluded).

Around 8 o'clock that evening, I considered a particular suggestion made on the call - a monetary sum I needed to raise that would provide me with the human and technical resources to accomplish this vision.

The fighter in me began to plot and investigate.

Just before I was about to log-off my work computer, I was inspired to email the person to whom I had spoken with earlier that day. (I was so overcome with sadness that I hadn't bothered to send a "thank you" email.)

I wrote (not in red):

"Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. I appreciate your suggestions. But, don't count me out! I'll update you on my progress quarterly."

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

That's What She Said...

Today I am preparing to do something (tomorrow) that:

1. Excites me.

2. Frightens me.

3. Will (speaking in faith) change my life (for the
way better).

My mood swings from absolute confidence to sheer dread. I need a boost. So, I've rounded up a bunch of bold women to tell it to me straight. Here's what they had to say about dreaming big:

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Today was...

My week started on a high note. Some $$$ I needed for a certain bill became available. Then, a BIG opportunity I have been pursuing for months finally opened.

But today...oh today... My morning started great. I worked out. Confirmed a VIP telephone meeting. And, picked up my paycheck (from the j-o-b).

Some $$$ I expected was missing and I don't entirely agree with the explanation but, such is life. However, the MIA $$$ put me in a pickle.

I'm in serious need of some pretty right now. Won't you join me?

Right-clicked from shabbychic.com's homepage.

J'adore David Austin roses. These are called Scepter'd Isle.

I'm dying for a new pair(s) of shoes.

Pretty plates from Anthropologie.com

My favorite hotel - The Canary in Santa Barbara, CA.
The rooms are stunning. I'm going to have a bed
made just like this one - mattress included.

I've been doing a lot of crocheting lately. This is
definitely a must-have pattern.

I am determined to make these one day.
But, in the meantime, I'll just keep the image
on my computer desktop at my j-o-b.

Some people turn to alcohol when life hits them in the gut. Others use food, sex, drugs, shopping. Whatever. I like to look at pretty things in the form of photographs. They give me a sense of hope.
So, yes, I had a bum day. But, I'll get through it. I have a lot to look forward to this month. Nothing is going to stop me.
Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Indulge Me...

...I have a dream.

After being featured on the Where Women Create blog last year and receiving so many kind comments, I started thinking about my dream home office/creative space.

It would have an unobstructed
180 degree ocean view.

Possible wall colors. Maybe
wallpaper on one wall.

The perfect desk.

A large counter height table for crafting.
(I ♥ this one.)
*Must be white

Bookcases, file and
storage cabinets are a must.

A pretty mirror

A very large computer monitor
so I can watch the Housewives,
Hulu & Netflix while I work.

Trapp candles
mmm...they smell so good.
The fragrance lasts a long time.
My fav scent is Fresh Cut Tuberose.

Gotta have my sweets.

I could go on and on. Let's just call this my "starter" wish list.

What does you dream room look like? Do tell.

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