Sunday, December 12, 2010


I had another post planned. And, I was even going to try to show off my new websign skills by updating this blog's page layout. But miracle, signs and wonders have intervened.

This morning, while preparing for church, I looked down at the floor and discovered the most beautiful rainbow I've ever seen.

My rainbow

It was underneath my (messy) craft table. At first I just stared at it, wondering if it was real because I don't recall any rain. Then, even though I was trying to get to church on time (didn't happen) I felt the urge to grab my camera and take these photos.

a closer look

As soon as I arrived home from church, I logged on and looked up the biblical meaning of rainbows. Here's the best answer I found:

After I read this, I knew God was sending me a message. This week I have a VERY important scheduled (meaning, they want to talk to me) telephone meeting/pitch session regarding a life-changing deal I have been pursuing for several months. Although, I have been planning and preparing, I've been heavy with fear. Now, not so much.

I still have to be prepared. I still have to pray. But I'm not going to be alone. The victory is mine! In the mighty name of Jesus.


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