Monday, September 27, 2010

What about the Women?

Do not entertain an accusation against
an elder unless it is brought by two or three witnesses.
(1 Timothy 5:19 NIV)

not shown - 2 other accusers

I believe the boys.

But that's not what this post is about.

Since these accusations were revealed, a simple question keeps running through my mind:
What about the women?

What about the women who unknowingly entrusted their sons to the "mentor" program in hopes of finding a positive male role model for their children?

What about the women who
knew of this weakness, took advantage of it and in the process pimped their sons?

Actress Viola Davis in the movie - Doubt

What about the women who are married to men with similar weaknesses, know about it and accept it provided their lifestyle does not change?

What about the women the accusers (and others like them) have or will have unprotected sex with (allegedly, one of the accusers has fathered a child)?

What about the women who worked at New Birth and who were fully aware these activities and did nothing?

What about the women - the feminists - who have planted a seed that fathers are not necessary?

What about the women in the church so blinded by the "good works," and the bling that they worship the man rather than God?

I was hoping that when I woke up on Sunday morning I would read that Bishop Long stood before his church and repented. For that, he would have gained my respect, forgiveness and prayers. However, this did not happen. (He didn't even bother to say he was innocent.) It was just another exercise of spiritual manipulation to maintain status quo.

I suspect a financial settlement is being drawn as I type. The boys will be paid off. The story will be buried. Business will return to normal with one exception - they will be more careful.

a must-see movie

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