Monday, April 18, 2011


Another computer virus!

Happened the other day. I was trying to contact someone. Clicked on their "Email Me" button. The link went to a MySpace page. I tried to "go back" and that's when my curser jumped around the screen. Then, the screen turned sideways.

I shut down. Restarted. Screen still sideways. Bug still there. I'm pissed. A lot of work to do.

Ran a full boot scan with Avast.

Did not work.

Tried system restore.

Did not work.

Cursed the computer.

Did not work.

Thanked God I had external back-up hard drive.

Turned off system restore. Deleted all Temporary Internet Files (hidden folder in Document & Settings). Re-ran the Avast system boot scan. Re-applied system restore.

Nothing unusual yet. Being very cautious.

Goal for the weekend: visit Apple store and seriously investigate the myth that Macs don't get viruses.

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Beach said...

Buy an Apple - you will never ever get these problems. I changed about 5 years ago and never regretted the :crashes" of a PC.