Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sweet Sabbatical

Sunset in Redondo Beach, CA
photo by Jurgen Keil

I'm taking a mini-break from VirtueRadioNetwork.com. No update for February.

I may even miss March.

Gotta get my creativity, passion, focus, and positive outlook back.

I'm doing a media fast as well.

The Internet can be so overwhelming for someone like me.

A competitor.

I see things I want to do, or tried to do being done. Ideas I have shared stolen. A-holes.

It can wear even the "strongest" down.

So, I'm stepping away - for a short while.

I'm going to walk on the beach every day instead of my usual 3.

I'm going to master SEO (search engine optimization) and build VRN's "keyword universe."

I'm going to pursue and/or follow-up on some strategic content partnership deals.

I'm going to sew, crochet, scrapbook, and learn to knit.

I'm going to be kind to myself.

I'm going to back away from the computer, leave the house, and have face-to-face meetups.

I guess I'll take a Photoshop class.

I'm going to blog, tweet, update. Maybe even do a few videos - featuring ME?! (That's a BIG "maybe.")

Pay some bills.

Open an Etsy store.

Work on my blog's design.

Sit on my balcony and watch the sun set over the waves.

And then, I'll be BACK!

Come out swinging. Go hard & do it big.

Watch me.

Find VirtueRadioNetwork.com

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